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Brief Historical Past Of Archery Games

Archery is regarded as one of the oldest games to have been uncovered. Actually, the very first stone arrowheads that...

Community Workshops Focus on Preventing Youth Sports Injuries

As a parent, you want to prevent your kids from being hurt playing sports. Now you can.

Things That We Will Learn In the First Archery Class

Are you interested in shooting a recurve bow as a hobby? It is a fascinating weapon based on an ancient...

Camping Is Fun, Pests Are Not: Keep Safe in the Great Outdoors

As fall sets in, many families begin thinking about Halloween: the costumes, the decorations, the parties and, of course, the trick-or-treating. Although rubber spiders, plastic bats and other ghoulish creatures are part of the fun of the holiday, real pest invasions can be quite a fright. The National Pest Management Association (NPMA) advises homeowners to take precautions against creepy pests, which may look to take up residence during the cooler months.

New Treatment for Undiagnosed Sports Injuries — From Your Dentist

Sports-related injuries are common and, when an athlete is hurt, care follows a proven, long-standing protocol of rehabilitation. But what happens when impact occurs to the head, face or jaw, and — at the time — no immediate injury is diagnosed? Weeks, months or even years later, many of these players begin to experience headaches, TMJ/D, migraines, vertigo or tinnitus — estimated to impact 50 million people in the U.S. to some degree.