ZERIRA Archery Compound Bow D Loop Metal U Nock Bowstring Safety Rope Bow Release Buckle Aid Compound

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  • High-quality Materials: Made of durable aluminum alloy material, easy to use, and stronger and more accurate than nylon rings, suitable for compound bows.
  • Overdraft Interference Design: The metal D ring can increase the speed of the arrow and eliminate the interference and overdraw of the cable, and the bow string wear is greatly reduced.
  • Anti-drop: The metal D-ring prevents your arrows from falling off the bowstring while hunting, and keeps peeping at the same level, improving accuracy and consistency by improving arrow flight.
  • Easy to Install: Equipped with a mounting wrench, it is simple to install and used with other accessories, which brings good performance when shooting.
  • Adjustable Design: The distance between the metal D-rings is adjustable, which is suitable for the use of arrow tails at different distances, increasing the fault tolerance of the D-rings.

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