Tihebeyan Archery Compound Bow Stabilizer, Rubber Archery Shock Riser Absorber,Bow Balance Bar,Broadband Dampener

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  • 【Widely use】---Suitable for most composite bow and regular bow.Widely applied for compound bow.
  • 【Good performance】---Enhancing your archery performance.Mounted on the compound bow reduces the damage to the bow and improves the accuracy of the shot.
  • 【Good shock absorption】---Efficient compact design and lightweight, excellent shock absorption effect.
  • 【Safety】---Safe, non-toxic, practical and durable.Can reduce the vibration of the bow and avoid damage to the arm
  • 【Good quality】---This product is an archery bow stabilizer, which is made of premium rubber.High quality, firm and stable.One can be used for a long time without being bad

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