Knog Blinder Mini Niner Rear USB Rechargeable, LED, Waterproof Bicycle Light

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  • Nine LED lights
  • LED: The Blinder Mini Chippy uses surface mounted LEDs outputting 20 Lumens (Front) & 11 Lumens (Rear)
  • 100% WATERPROOF: Rain or shine, the Mini Chippy is ready for it all with it's 100% waterproof construction
  • CABLE FREE: Just unclip, remove from seat post or handlebars and plug straight in to any available USB socket to recharge
  • UNIVERSAL STRAP: Interchangeable straps, 3x for rear and 2x for front, notched for AERO posts
  • RECHARGE: Takes only 2.5 hours to recharge fully


Knog has applied the same successful LED options from the Blinder MOB. From the Blinder MOB, they have discovered that the market loves all three options – COB, array, and single faceplate. Or as Knog calls them, Chippy, Niner, and Dot. Maxing out at an 11 hour run time on ECO Flash, the Blinder Mini line is all about keeping you visible and safe at all times, while weighing in around only 18 grams.


Just unclip, remove from seat post or handlebars and plug straight in to any available USB socket to recharge. That’s it. No external charge cables = no worries + many hours of cable searching saved. Go forth & use those saved hours to do something productive, like riding your bike or wood turning.

Knog: Unboring Things

You could call this Knog's design philosophy. Both verb and noun, it’s the beginning of their process, and the end result. They seek out what is boring, inconvenient, ugly etc and re-think how these simple - or complex - products look, feel and function. The famously simple Oi bell, launched on Kickstarter, and the modular PWR range are examples of that spectrum of design. In short, Knog is more into revolution than evolution, shock and awe more than “aww”.

The Blinder MINI Chippy bike light, so called because of the Chips on Board technology used giving a panel of light. These surface mounted LEDs punch well above their weight, outputting 20 lumens of light at the front. Including an integrated reflector for added visibility, this light will keep you seen up to 800m away. USB rechargeable and weighing only 18 grams the light uses its tool-less attachment to securely connect to handlebars and posts of 22–32+mm. Designed to fit both standard and oversize handlebars.

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