Spank Oozy 220 Co-Molded Anatomic Trail Bicycle Saddle

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Bicycle Saddle


  • HIGH-PERFORMANCE SADDLE – Trail inspired and designed to support the rider equally well on uphill and downhill; features reinforced impact zones and a pronounced relief channel to help relieve pressure while you're riding
  • GREAT DESIGN – Oozy 220 saddle is designed with the sleek look and performance of race saddles, but it offers higher levels of anatomic comfort and shock absorption which is necessary for long days on the trail
  • COMFORT - The pronounced relief channel and the padding are optimized to offer comfort in the sit bones zone where riders typically experience the most discomfort and pinched nerves which lead to numbness and pain
  • DURABLE MATERIALS - The shell is made from a reinforced polymer and is covered with co-moulded foam. There is central channel and some perforations under the sits bones to add comfort and the saddle features adaptive edges
  • FEATURES - Co-molded construction, anatomic race inspired profile, tuned flex points and contact edges, reinforced impact zones, 3D co-molded foam of the upper, fiber reinforced polymer of the shell, hollow Chromoly of the rail


SPANK OOZY 220 SADDLE. Having the correct seat on your bicycle while you're riding will build your solace on the bicycle. Having an inappropriate seat can make problem areas and deadness. The Spank Oozy 220 Saddle is a path motivated seat and is intended to help the rider whether they are riding tough or downhill. It has a slight kick-up on the rear of the seat for tough and included lower back help. The Oozy 220 highlights fortified effect zones and an articulated alleviation channel to help ease pressure while you're riding. The Oozy 220 is planned with the smooth look and execution of race saddles, yet it offers more elevated levels of anatomic solace and stun assimilation which is essential for long days on the path. The articulated help channel and the cushioning are improved to offer solace in the sit bones zone where riders (people), normally experience the most uneasiness and squeezed nerves which lead to deadness and torment. The run of the mill sway zones are strengthened to build the general sturdiness. The shell is produced using a strengthened polymer and is secured with co-formed froth. There is focal channel and a few holes under the sits issues that remains to be worked out solace and the seat highlights versatile edges, which Spank says improves the fit and decreases weight on your delicate bits. There is a slight shape to the border of the seat, so there are no hard edges.

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